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Cyder Studio is a design team integrating animation, motion graphics, live action, and post production. Our endless passion and creativity for visual arts delivers an extraordinary capacity for effective and meaningful content in a variety of mediums.With our talent and vision, we bring you innovative and quality-driven storytelling.

Cyder Studio是一個整合動畫、動態影像、實拍以及後期製作的設計團隊。我們對於視覺藝術擁有無限的熱誠與創意,體現在我們直擊人心的多媒體內容製作之中。透過我們的才華與洞見,Cyder Studio會帶給你創意與質感兼具的設計服務。






Chiang Yao


 Chiang Yao's Portfolio 

Chiang Yao is a Taiwanese artist, director and filmmaker. He has been fascinated in utilizing animation, motion graphics and film to explore people’s struggle between reality and illusion since he studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Alongside his personal projects, he has been working as a director, 3D artist and designer for many multimedia projects, which includes commercials, VR games and 3D animated shorts.







Yiju Chiang


 Yiju Chiang's Portfolio 

Digital artist Yiju Chiang is interested in bringing a new twist to the idea of classic beauty. Her career path is built on her strong sensibility in 3D lighting and compositing, as well as her organizational skills. She created the animated short, “ManniQueen,” received official selections from various festivals, and also produced commercials distributed in the Asia-Pacific region countries, seen by millions of YouTube viewers.

數位藝術家江宜儒的創作總是在翻轉大眾對美學的傳統看法,她在紐約視覺藝術學校的畢業製作短片 "ManniQueen"曾入選數個國際影展。她的專長包括3D 燈光合成與製片能力,曾任 New York Film Academy 3D講師與助教,作品涵蓋電影、動畫短片與實拍廣告影片。


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