Don't let regret hold you back.


Mr. Cat has aquaphobia, and he was too terrified to swim in the zodiac race to fulfill his dream of becoming the Guardian God of the Year. He has since lived regretfully by the sea, overlooking the race’s destination every day for countless years, until an accident brings him closer and closer to the water.…

Cartagena International Film Festival

Official Selections

58th Chicago International Film Festival

Official Selections

Cyder Studio


Best Animation Short Film- Theta Short Film Festival (Italy)
Best Editing Award- 21 Islands International Short Film Fest (USA) 

2022 58th Chicago International Film Festival- USA (Oscar Qualifying Festival)

2023 Cartagena International Film Festival- Colombia(Oscar Qualifying Festival)

2023 Guanajuato International Film Festival- Mexico (Oscar Qualifying Festival)

2023 Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival & Lecture Series- USA (Oscar Qualifying Festival)

2022 Tirana International Film Festival- Albania (Oscar Qualifying Festival)

2022 Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival- Virtual Experience- USA (Oscar Qualifying Festival)

2022 New York Asian Film Festival- USA

2023 34th São Paulo International Short Film Festival-Brazil

2023 32nd DIVERCINE International Children’s Film Festival- Uruguay

2023 Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival- USA (Semi-Finalist)

2023 Rome International Film Festival- USA

2023 Animae Caribe International Animation & Digital Media Festival- Trinidad and Tobago

2022 Cartoon Club- Italy

2022 Asian Summer Film Festival (Vic, Barcelona)- Spain

2023 Sedicicorto Forlì International Film Festival- Italy

2023 Seminci Valladolid International Film Week- Spain

2023 Taiwan Film Festival In Australia- Australia

2023 Taichung International Animation Festival- Taiwan

2023 Hsin-Yi Chidren’s Animation Awards- Taiwan



Produced by Cyder Studio and WhiteDeer Animation

Director: Chiang Yao 
Producer: Yiju Chiang 
CO-Producer: Shigeharu Tomotoshi
Story by: Chiang Yao, Yiju Chiang 
Writer: Yen-Chiao Huang
Editor: Chiang Yao
Storyboard Artist: Chiang Yao
Studio Compostrain
Original Score: Mitch Lin
Deer Post Audio Production Ltd
Re-recording mixer: R.T Kao
Dialogue Recording: R.T Kao
Sound Editing: Angelin Kao
Foley Recordist: R.T Kao
Foley Artist: Min-Hsu Wang
Sounds Great Institute
Voice Supervisor: Yun-Fan Tseng
Voice Actor 
Mr. Cat: Yu-Chieh Ho
Baby: Sophie Chiang
Art Design
Character Designers: Hsin-Yi Fu 
Character Designers: Jun Chiu
Environment Designer: Hsin-Yi Fu
 Concept Artists: Xs Hang
 Concept Artists: Jun Chiu
Illustrator: Kuan-Wen Liu
Props Designer: Heng-Yi Hsieh
Inscription by: Hsiao Han Lai (K4sophy Doodle)
Character Animation: Lai Yu-Wen
Character Animation: Hung Chih Huang
Project Manager: RickyM
2D Animator: Tsao lien tse
2D Animator: Kl Chen
Recording Producer: Shao-Ting Sun 
Recording Studio: Yuchen Recording Studio
Di Zi:  Shih Yu Liu 
Er Hu: Chung, Yu Jui
1st Violin: Chen-Yin Lin
1st Violin: Mei Chi Wan
1st Violin: Lo Ssu Yun
1st Violin: Yi-chun Chen
1st Violin: Tseng-An-Ping
2nd Violin: Didi Chou 
2nd Violin: Chen Ti Lin 
2nd Violin: TSAI, TING TING
2nd Violin:  Tzu Teng Liu 
Viola: Ying-Chen Tu
Viola: Ying-Chen Chen 
Viola: Lin hung chuan 
Viola: Chang,Chia-Yu 
Cello: Yu-Hsuan Yang 
Cello: Ning, Yang
Cello: Guann-Ling Lu
Cello: Yu-Chien Hsiao
Double Bass: I-Jan Huang
Double Bass: Wan-chen,Lo 
Flute: Ying-Ching Chen
Oboe: Angustom Chuang 
Clarinet: HSU Tsung-En
 Bassoon: Yu-Han Chang
Horn: Chin-Yang, Chen
Horn: Liang Ing Ting
Trumpet: Chiang, Po-Hsuan
Trombone: Westwing, Chiang
Visual Effects Cooperation: WhiteDeer Animation LTD
VFX Supervisor: White Tung
VFX Producer: POPO Lin
Project ManagerBeita SYU
Project ManagerJia-Yi Huang
Animation Supervisor: Yung-En Tou
Animator: Ning En Jhang
Animator: Pei-Ying Ying
 Assistant Animator: Jing Fen Jhong
3D lead: Beita SYU
3D Modeler: Sin-Yu Zeng
3D Modeler: Rong Ci Zhang
3D Modeler: Cheng-Hung Tsai
3D Modeler: Jyun Fu Tsai 
Texture ArtistBeita SYU
Texture ArtistSin-Yu Zeng
Texture ArtistRong Ci Zhang
Texture ArtistCheng-Hung Tsai
Lighting ArtistI-Hsin Hu
Lighting ArtistSin-Yu Zeng
Lighting ArtistPei-Ying Ying
Lighting ArtistYa Ting Hu
Lighting ArtistYu-Hao Chen
Lighting ArtistTerence Cheng
Assistant: Jia En Kuang 
Assistant: Chun Yu Shih 
Assistant: Li Rong Chen
Assistant: Jing Fen Jhong 
Assistant: Jhang Yu Tsih 
Assistant: Li Ting Yi 
Assistant: Li Yu Ting 
Assistant: Chen Yi An 
Assistant: You Jyun Jieh
Character Rig: Aidan Guo
CG FX: Chun-Wei Wang 
CG FX: Sin-Yu Zeng 
CG FX: I-Hsin Hu 
Assistant CG FX: Guan-Lin Chen 
Assistant CG FX: Hao-Cing Li 
Matte Painter: Yellow Kuo 
Matte Painter: Wang Yu-Cheng
 Matte Painter: Chen Chiung-Yu
 Lead compositor: Wono Chen 
Compositor: Chien-Ning Wu 
Compositor: Chiu-Kai Chang 
Compositor: Yu-Hsuan Chien 
Compositor: Chia Chun Hsieh 
Compositor: Liou Wen-Hao 
Compositor: CHIH-YEN WU
 Compositor: Yi-Huei Siao 
Assistant Compositor: Hsun Yu Chang 
Assistant Compositor: WBB
 Key Animator: Yellow Kuo
 Key Animator: Wang Yu-Cheng
 Key Animator: Chen Chiung-Yu 
Key Animator: Guo Ya Yun
 Key Animator: Jhu Zih Yu 
Assistant Animator: Liou YunYa 
Paint Artist: Jiang Jhen Sun 
Paint Artist: Fang Jia Yi 
Paint Artist: Syu Yan Ning 
Paint Artist: Liou Jing Mei 
Paint Artist: Huang Yi Ting 
Paint Artist: Chen Siang Ni
Poster Design: a better office™ York Wang